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What a view

Who says you need to travel to catch the sun. I’m currently enjoying this view with my family while holidaying in a rather nice secluded location on the south coast.   I’ve got my notebook out and doing a spot of planning and jotting down ideas (nothing too strenuous) while catching a few rays. I…

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New blog

Finally got round to having the blog moved over to Now just having a little play with the Android app. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to use it easily and post a little more frequently than once a year! Peace.

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My last hotel room in Kharkov

I take my role as Managing Director at Visiontech very seriously. One of the things we do is actively encourage our clients to fly to Kharkov, so they may spend some time with their team of offshore developers. This inevitably means having to spend time in a hotel. So, I see it as a responsibility…

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My management style

I always like going on business trips. Usually the travel time gives me time to myself to think things through, which until recently I haven’t allowed myself to do often enough during normal working life. I just spent 3 days in Ukraine, working, followed by a few days in Vienna with Abi on the return…

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